Aviation Risk Management and Insurance Service Solutions

The Loomis Company’s Aviation Insurance Division has been serving the aviation community for nearly 50 years. We focus exclusively on aviation exposures and provide the most suitable advice and insurance options available to the industry.

Not only do our aviation specialists know insurance, but many are also active pilots themselves. This enables us to fully comprehend and analyze our customers’ exposures to develop solutions to meet the unique needs of these organizations.

Our customers reap the benefits of our successful, long-standing relationships in the marketplace. With access to all major markets, at senior levels, our expertise and experience are put to good use when catering to the needs of our customers.

Our relationships extend to all companies offering aviation related coverage solutions in the United States and International markets.

  • If you make your living in the aviation industry it is important to work with an insurance broker who can commit to being a true partner in your business. The Loomis Company’s aviation insurance division has been insuring commercial aviation businesses for over 40 years and is ready to put our expertise and knowledge to work for you. Whether your concerns are premium savings, risk management strategies, policy coverage, or enhanced liability limits, we can provide a coverage proposal to meet your needs.

    We specialize in providing insurance and risk management solutions for:

    • Airports
    • Charter Fleets
    • Flight Schools
    • FBO’s
    • Aerospace Manufacturers
    • AG Operators
    • Hangar Owners
    • Fuel Farms

    In addition to our extensive experience in the Aviation Insurance sector, we are also ranked as one of the top 100 largest diversified brokers in the country. This allows us to not only offer our customers the highest level of expertise in all facets of their business, but also gives our customers the contingent knowledge and ultimate coverage that a stand-alone aviation broker just cannot deliver.

    Below are just a few of our coverage expertise areas that we’ve honed over the past 61 years in business:

    • Airport Liability, Aviation Products & Completed Operations, Hangarkeepers Legal Liability, Control Tower Liability
    • Aviation Pollution Liability
    • Aircraft Hull and Liability
    • Inland Marine
    • Building, Property-Casualty
    • Commercial Automobile
    • Workers Compensation
    • Frequent and Thorough Site Inspections
    • Review of OSHA, FAA, DOT and local Ordinances To Ensure Compliance
    • D&O/E&O
    • Cyber Liability
    • Employee Benefits – Health and Dental, Life and Disability

    Client Marketing Strategy

    The Loomis Company relies heavily on its relationships and prides itself on maintaining strong and effective long-term relationships with its customers, its markets and its personnel.

    Each year we evaluate with you all the potential insurers and establish a mutual strategy for the approach to these markets. It is our philosophy to involve our clients in this process as we maintain that the ultimate contract is between the client and the insurer and only by these parties becoming completely comfortable with each other, will the foundation for a trusted and respected partnership develop.

    • We review claims experience, assumption of risk and risk transfer mechanisms. We then look at possible alternative underwriters attempting to establish a base for a future long-term relationship should it ever become necessary to replace your existing
    • We also explore the use of multiple insurers in a vertical or quota share placement structure if market availability, capacity and/or high limits of liability become an

    The Loomis Company is renowned in the aviation insurance community for its comprehensive, informative and precise underwriting submissions to underwriters. Fashioned after this solution plan, our underwriting submissions incorporate an introduction of your business, a description of the company, its capabilities and background on the company consisting of ownership history and recent events, including the company’s business plan, strategic marketing opportunities, business strategy section, resumes of the management team and principles, organizational charts, and selected financial information.

    Finally, we include coverage specifications which incorporate comprehensive coverage requests designed to cover every imaginable exposure incurred by our clients. These submissions are presented to underwriters at least 90 days prior to the renewal date.

    The Loomis Company has developed international aviation marketing partnerships with several London-based brokers. With these relationships, we have access to every London and European insurance and reinsurance market. If an overseas market is needed, we select the most qualified team from the broker best suited to meet your objectives. Unlike many U.S. based aviation insurance risk management consultants, we are not tied to any one London Broker.

    Scope Of Services

    We provide the following services:

    • Risk Exposure and Review
    • Risk Management/Insurance Staff Briefings
    • Program Design
    • Marketing
    • Claims Managements Reserve Analysis/Claims Audits
    • Contract Review
    • Documentation/Certificates of Insurance
    • Stewardship Review
    • Information/Market Updates
    • Risk Management Duties – as assigned by client
    • Emergency Response Review
    • Safety Audits (Risk Management)


    We provide insurance brokerage services as follows: Coverages:

    • Aircraft hull and liability insurance
    • Aircraft hull and deductible insurance
    • Aircraft hull and liability war risks insurance
    • Comprehensive Aviation General Liability
    • Business Auto & Commercial Property
    • Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance
    • Directors & Officers Liability and/or Employment Practices
    • Workers Compensation/Employers Liability Insurance
    • All other lines of coverage required & agreed by The Loomis Company


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  • Experience. Expertise. Service.


    With over 35 years experience in developing insurance coverages for helicopters and helicopter operations, The Loomis Company is able to construct, implement and service a best in class coverage solution to feed all of our customers’ needs.

    Our team is headed by Larry Mattielo, one of the industry’s most recognized and respected leaders in this field. Larry and the Loomis team have covered operations ranging from single ship operators to a multi-ship EMS operation and corporate fleets.

    For these special coverages, Loomis helps companies divide these risks from other insurance programs to obtain coverages at the most affordable costs.

    The Loomis Advantage starts with the development of a unique, tailored program and remains through claims handling.

    Our services include:

    • Comprehensive review of current market coverage, highlighting potential areas of inadequate protection
    • Complete overview of the aviation insurance marketplace
    • Specific plan development for implementation of coverage and costs
    • Claims expertise dedicated to ensuring that claims are handled quickly in their entirety
    • Risk management services designed to provide all-encompassing information for improving safety and managing premium expense

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  • Whether your are a first time aircraft buyer or a seasoned aircraft owner, The Loomis Company’s aviation insurance division can provide a cost effective and comprehensive solution for all of your aircraft hull and liability insurance needs. We are pilots and aircraft owners too, so we understand the problems and concerns of the aviation industry. Allow us to leverage our strong relationships with the aviation insurance underwriters for you and experience a new level of service and value that is unparalleled in our industry.

    Whether your concerns are premium savings, recurrent training requirements, pilot approvals or policy coverage, we can provide an insurance and risk management solution to meet your needs.

    We specialize in Aircraft Hull & Liability Insurance for:

    • Corporate Owned Aircraft
    • Air Ambulance
    • Pleasure and Business Use Aircraft
    • Owner Flown Turbine & Jet
    • Excess Liability Coverage
    • Non Owned Aircraft Insurance
    • Transitional Pilots
    • Rotorcraft Piston & Turbine


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  • The Importance Of In-House Risk Management Services

    The Importance Of Risk Management is a concept that evolved in the insurance brokerage sector. Over the years, the idea of a broker working with a client on a preventative basis has gone from something that sounded like a good idea, to something that has become THE mantra for us. With our in-house Risk Management Division, we are able to provide a level of service, at no additional cost, that other brokers just can’t bring to the table. With multiple offices across the country, we are able to be on-sight with our clients, not only when needed, but in preventative measures as well.

    Below are just a few things we work with our clients on to minimize issues and maximize efficiency and safety:

    • Root cause analysis
    • Hazard evaluation and recommendations, including historical review of injury history and pre-construction site surveys, if applicable
    • OSHA evaluation and compliance audits, in partnership with OSHA representatives
    • Creation of an effective Safety Manual with model special hazards procedures appropriate for the customer
    • Structuring and implementing incentive programs to encourage workplace safety
    • Develop and implement alcohol and drug free worksite program
    • Ergonomics assessment and training on-site
    • Assistance in developing appropriate and effective best practices for hiring
    • On site visits and surveys
    • Create an organizational flowchart to ensure all entities are appropriately insured
    • Exposure identification, review and recommendations
    • Loss forecasting
    • Retention and deductible level analysis
    • Develop risk profile and specifications
    • Extensive contract review and recommendations will be made highlighting risk transfer opportunities and establishing minimum standards for vendors, tenants, airlines
    • We will assist in the development of an attractive risk profile to capitalize on current soft market conditions and minimize the impact of future hard market conditions.
    • We identify viable insurance markets, coordinate market selection, negotiate the terms and present competitive options for insurance coverage at various levels of liability coverage. Provide ongoing administration, certificate issuance, certificate tracking and


    Claims Management And Facilitation

    The Difference Of A Cohesive Team Approach

    Proactive Risk Management is an extremely important part of the overall coverage analysis, as well as safety and rate protection.

    That being said, without proper Claims Management, the best prevention plans can be relatively meaningless. At The Loomis Company, we know the importance of handling claims correctly and swiftly. By doing so, we are able to limit our clients’ exposures and maintain the lowest costs possible from our partner carriers. For over 30 years, we have deemed it a necessity to have our own Claims Management department in house, in tandem with our Risk Management. The two functions need to be attached at the hip in order to produce the correct support and balance for all of our clients.

    The Loomis Company knows that attritional type claims are a normal part of running a large company. We will assist you in setting up the proper internal procedures and contact personnel to enable quick communications with the claims adjuster to facilitate adjusting these types of claims. Every member on your dedicated team will be informed in real time whenever a claim is reported. The same process will be followed for more serious aviation related claims. In many cases, our team will be on site at your facility or claim location within a matter of hours.


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  • If you make your living in the aviation industry it is important to work with an insurance broker who can commit to being a true partner in your business. The Loomis Company’s aviation insurance division has been insuring commercial aviation businesses for over 40 years and is ready to put our expertise and knowledge to work for you. Whether your concerns are premium savings, risk management strategies, policy coverage, or enhanced liability limits, we can provide a coverage proposal to meet your needs.

    We specialize in providing insurance and risk management solutions for:

    • Airports
    • Charter Fleets
    • Flight Schools
    • FBO’s
    • Aerospace Manufacturers
    • AG Operators
    • Hangar Owners
    • Fuel Farms



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    The Loomis Company has a dedicated team of professionals built to fit the unique nature of each of our customer’s needs. This benefits our customers by:

    • Bringing a dedicated and diverse approach with a multitude of ideas and experiences
    • Integrating coverage and solution specialists into the overall and day-to-day risk management process
    • Providing customer service continuity and dedication to increase efficiency


    Jim Loomis


    The love of flying has been in Jim’s blood since the age of 19, when he acquired his first airplane, a Cessna 172.

    This was the beginning of many aircraft in Jim’s personal and professional life. Presently, Jim owns and operates a Lear 45 and has over 7 jet type ratings.

    His first venture into the aviation world was establishing and operating a Part 135 operation, which consisted of carrying checks for Fidelity Bank and the Federal Reserve.

    When he first started in the insurance business in the late 1960’s, he focused on commercial and property & casualty, along with marine and aviation insurance, which proved to be integral in opening the doors to write accounts from single engine aircraft to regional airlines, corporate jets and FBO’s, including maintenance facilities. This involved dealing with all major U.S. markets, including negotiating with and being tribunalized in London.

    Over this period of time, The Loomis Company has grown to a level where over

    $1 billion in claims are processed annually. A client list containing large, high profile property accounts, including hotels and casinos, large municipalities, hospitality, international organizations and groups consisting of several hundred thousand lives has enabled the company to achieve a level of expertise and experience across all 50 states, Europe and international markets.

    Over the years, Jim has worked with countless aviation clients and organizations. His passion for aviation drives him to continue to build out and perfect insurance coverage solutions and applications for that market.

    Jim works with the entire team every day to ensure and facilitate best in class customer service and insurance practice. His passion for getting our customers the best coverage at the best possible price is second to none.


    Larry Mattiello

    Director, Aviation Division

     Larry is the Aviation Team Leader at The Loomis Company. He shares your passion for aviation and is a great pilot to have on your side.

    Larry has over 38 years of experience as an aviation insurance agent/broker and underwriter. He is a commercial instrument rated pilot and has been flying for over 46 years!

    • Market access for worldwide clients — U.S., Lloyd’s syndicate and Foreign Based Insurance
    • Complex risk solutions and multi layered account
    • Experienced Underwriting and Brokering for Fractional and Managed Aircraft, FBO’s, Airports, Commercial or Corporate and Personal Use Aircraft, and a variety of Helicopter
    • Expert resource and a go to person by Insurance Companies and
    • Major Accounts Experience included, but not limited to:
      • Air Methods, Mobile Regional Airport, Agusta/Westland
      • Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, US Aviation Group, Jet-Ten, LLC
      • JBI Helicopters, ANALAR, Inc., Columbia Aircraft, Inc., Million Air Cleveland, American Eurocopter

    Larry focuses on risk analysis and placement of insurance on complex aviation risks. He is responsible for negotiating, program development and servicing commercial fixed and rotor wing accounts, and provides regular on-site service to his customers throughout the U.S. Larry is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Helicopter Association International (HAI), founder of HAI’s Insurance Committee, and currently serving on the HAI Safety Committee. He has been a proud member of the Civil Air Patrol for over 30 years as Commander and Mission Pilot.


    Jimmie Loomis


    James “Jimmie” Loomis started his insurance career working for carriers such as Travelers and Donegal after he graduated college. He then joined The Loomis Company in 2012, immediately stepping into a senior role on the commercial insurance side of the business. Since Jimmie was a toddler, he has always been around the aviation world with his father. While now president of the Commercial Insurance Division of the company, he is following in his father’s footsteps in the aviation world, amassing flying time of his own.

    Jimmie has brought both a life-long passion for following in the “customer first” mentality that has been instilled in him, as well as a forward thinking approach in the ever evolving world of insurance. His approach to the business is steeped in values that have been

    established and ingrained by the current and prior generations of his family that have run The Loomis Company, while also bringing a fresh view of the already established continuous improvement mentality.

    He continues to develop new products and program approaches to further move the company forward to make insurance coverage decisions easier for all of Loomis’ customers. Jimmie is devoted to making sure every customer that experiences The Loomis Company has the best possible customer centric experience. From Aviation, Commercial, Property & Casualty, Cyber, and progressive Employee Benefits programs, as well as Personal Auto, Home and Life policies, the Loomis approach has always been and will always be to provide the customer the coverage they need at the best possible price.

    By leveraging relationships with large insurance carriers, Loomis is able to achieve that, while still giving every customer personal dedicated insurance expertise when they need it most.


    Judy Koch

    Senior VP Aviation Division

    Judy Koch joined The Loomis Company in March of 2017. She was most recently associated with another large International Insurance broker where she was responsible for servicing the Aviation Insurance needs of many Fortune clients. Judy’s areas of expertise include Airlines, Aviation Products Liability, Corporate fleets, Airport Operations, Charter operations and Entertainment exposures.

    In her career, Judy has been responsible for many risk management clients including:

    • IBM
    • MaxJet Airlines
    • 21st Century Fox
    • Newscorp
    • The Trump Organization
    • Panasonic

    She brings a total of over 35 years of experience in both the underwriting and brokering areas.


    Jeff Lower

    Safety & Risk Manager

    Jeff’s unique experience in facility and human resource management as well as production and quality management techniques allow him to offer insightful direction for positive results in the areas of safety, quality and production.

    His approach addresses the need to comply with regulatory aspects of law while helping directors, managers and supervisors identify behavioral motivation and modification techniques to realize results that positively affect the bottom line.

    Jeff launched his career in safety by obtaining a BS in Occupational Safety and Hygiene Management from Millersville University in 1994. Since graduation, Jeff worked in private industry for a Fortune 100 company as a safety professional, and other production and quality management functions through 2000 before joining the Royal and Sun Alliance group as a Loss Control Consultant.

    The following year he was promoted to Manager of Loss Control Services, leading a team of Consultants from Maryland to Florida.

    Jeff also holds a Master’s Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Advanced Safety Engineering. Both his BS and MS degree programs are accredited by ABET.


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  • Our dedicated Aviation Insurance Support Team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

    Phone: 610.374.4040

    Larry Mattiello – ext: 2305

    Patti Walmer – ext: 2307

    Jimmie Loomis – ext: 2220


    Email: aviation@loomisco.com


    Address: The Loomis Company  850 North Park Road  P.O. Box 7011  Wyomissing, PA 19610