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We all know renewals and change are difficult. Let us help save you the headache, and some money.

Since 1955, we have been providing comprehensive Third Party Admin and Benefits Consulting services. Throughout those 60+ years, we have been able to bolster and tailor our systems and services to mitigate pain points in transition, as well as provide a higher level of efficiency to save our clients time and money.

We have clients ranging in size from 100 lives, up to 100,000. This gives us the ability to not only correctly mange, but also proactively move and adjust for and with our clients.

Below are some of the products we specialize in managing:

  • Fully Insured, Level Funding, Self Funding
  • Telemed Programs
  • Captive Solutions
  • Reference Based Pricing Programs
  • Stop Loos Markets For All Solutions
  • MEC Plans
  • Onboarding support throughout the renewal/changeover process
  • Healthcare Bluebook Services
  • Easy to use MyLoomis Portals for members, brokers and providers

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