The Loomis Company donates Wawa gift cards to Reading Hospital frontline employees

On Thursday, May 14, more than 1,000 Reading Hospital employees working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic will receive a $25 Wawa gift card from The Loomis Company. William M. Jennings, Reading Hospital President and CEO, along with members of the Reading Hospital nursing team accepted the donation from James (Jim) Loomis Sr., The Loomis Company CEO, and James (Jimmie) Loomis Jr., The Loomis Company COO, on behalf of their colleagues.

“This generous gift from The Loomis Company is truly remarkable,” said Mr. Jennings. “The team here at Reading Hospital has been working extremely hard caring for our COVID-19 patients. The support of patients, families, friends, and businesses like The Loomis Company during this challenging time has made a real impact and will not be forgotten.”

“We know how hard the employees are working,” said Mr. Loomis Sr., The Loomis Company CEO. “These individuals have trained for such circumstances and are now bravely serving on the front lines of the pandemic. We hope this donation is a reminder to the recipients that the community is grateful for their dedication to the health of our friends, families, and neighbors.”