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Our Benefits Division is dedicated to identifying solutions to reducing your benefit costs.

Notice of COVID-19 Extension of Timeframes

On April 28, 2020, The Department of Labor (DOL and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued final rules extending certain timeframes to protect the benefits of participants and beneficiaries in employee benefit plans.

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Our primary objective is to provide the highest level of service to our clients and their employees. We become a part of your employee benefit solution 365 days a year by constantly and consistently working with you to ensure that your employee benefit package remains cost-efficient and cost-effective, while controlling overall administrative costs.  Our team will provide you with the full picture of claims cost drivers and the impact of programs such as medical management and Telemedicine.

Our system allows us to integrate medical management data with the claims adjudication process. Our integrated approach allows us to proactively manage and monitor claimants that could benefit from case management and other medical management interventions. It also allows for seamless customer service for members, by having one point of contact for their needs.

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Self Funded

Let Loomis show you how to take control of your health care costs!

  • Your Loomis representative will introduce you to an innovative self-funding benefits program custom tailored to the unique needs of your organization
  • We will provide analysis that illustrates your potential savings over fully-insured benefits programs within your first year of self-funding
  • Find out how you can customize a benefits package that fits your company, is ACA compliant, and aligns properly with your long-term objectives
  • Discover how transparency and access to real-time information leads to efficiencies and lower healthcare expenditures
  • See how our technology solutions can enable your plan member to access the right level of care and improve their overall experience when accessing benefits information

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